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“Our daughter attended Ellie’s Academy from infancy through preschool before we had to relocate due to work. The transition was undoubtedly tough, but Ellie’s had prepared her so well that we could see her confidently embrace new educational challenges. The teachers, especially in the toddler classrooms, were nothing short of amazing. They nurtured her, instilling a love for learning and fostering essential social skills. The director was so warm and her dedication made us feel like part of the Ellie’s family. We truly appreciated the personalized attention and genuine care she provided, making the preschool experience even more memorable. The positive impact of Ellie’s Academy on our family led us to recommend it to friends in the area who, like us, have found the school to be a wonderful place for their children. We are incredibly grateful for the education and memories our daughter gained at Ellie’s Academy.”

– Nitika P.

“Choosing childcare for your babies is not an easy one! We are so glad that we followed our gut with Ellie’s Academy. Our children are students there for the last two years and we couldn’t be happier. The teachers and owners have become second family. Everyone is warm, happy, and patient. For reference, our daughter is now almost 6 years old, and our son is 8 months. Due to their gap in age, we’ve had the opportunity to get to know everyone very well! We highly recommend this place.”

– Cailee R.

“Picking a childcare center for your child to attend is one of the hardest decisions any parent can ever make. Ellie’s Academy has exceeded all my expectations. To be able to have a sense of relief that my child is in good hands while I am at work is such a great feeling. The director and all the teachers at Ellie’s are wonderful, and they truly were a second family not only to my daughter (who was 3 at the time), but also my family. The director makes sure that parents stay involved and the teachers keeps us parents updated on our child’s progress. If you are looking for a childcare center with great staff, cleanliness, wonderful kids, great family activities throughout the year, and great hours Ellie’s Academy is it!”

– Yesenia S.

“Ellie’s Academy has been an excellent experience for my daughter and our family since we enrolled her when she was 17 months old. Our daughter was about a month younger than the mark for the toddler class, but the staff suggested starting her in that class anyway so that she could observe and learn from the older children. At that time, our concern was that because she was the youngest, she would need extra attention paid to her, but they eased our concerns and our expectations have been exceeded. My daughter has developed immensely, mobility-wise, and socially, in the time that she’s been enrolled. Now, she is nearly 4 years old and thriving! It is obvious that the staff truly cares about all the kids and wants them to grow and learn to the best of their abilities. They also have an app which they frequently update throughout the day with activities, pictures, and communication.   We couldn’t be happier with our decision to enroll our daughter at Ellie’s Academy.”

– Allison G.

“The school director (owner) and staff are AMAZING! We have been at Ellie’s Academy since the beginning and it’s our home away from home! My son is 5 now and has excelled way beyond my expectations. The teachers are always making sure the children are safe – happy – learning and most of all loved. They treat every child as if they were their own. The director (owner) is always going above and beyond to make sure the children of her school are learning to their max potential! She does an amazing job making the curriculum top notch – hence the reason my son is where he is today. Not only is the learning the best of the best but the director is always planning family fun events and special fun days for the children. Everything has her special touch added to it which is so appreciated because no other school is like that! At Ellie’s Academy they are family!”

– Amy W.

“Ellie’s Academy is PHENOMENAL! If you want teachers who treat your children like their own, this is the childcare center for you. A perfect balance of education and fun, but the best part is the staff becomes family and what more can you want for your child. I highly recommend them!”

– Neetu A.

“My daughter attended Ellie’s Academy and she absolutely loved the school and more importantly the staff. We were truly blessed to have teachers who were extremely caring & provided excellent academic program. Ms. Tirusha & Mr. Prashanth were more like parents to each student and looked after student needs with utmost care and responsibility. Together with their staff and teachers, Ellie’s Academy are passionate about seeing their students succeed. My daughter graduated Kindergarten with self-confidence & pride.”

– Shamini A.