At Ellie's Academy, our programs focus on the social/emotional, cognitive, and developmental needs of your child. Infants to Preschoolers are always on the move, engaging in new & different learning avenues; and because of that, our curriculum needs to be geared towards what the child is curious about. Our programs offer children "teachable moments," as the learn thru play, and expand their horizons.


As part of our Infant curriculum, we start to create a strong foundation for your little one, when it comes to their growth & development. Our curriculum focuses on their developmental needs, including: fine-motor skills, social & emotional skills, cognitive, movement, sensory, and sound. And most importantly, our teachers establish an ongoing bond with your child, which lasts a lifetime!


Our Toddler curriculum starts to expand your little one’s mind as we explore the arts, language, literacy, math, science and more! During this phase, the teachers work to develop your child’s communication skills, also teaching them self-sufficiency skills. Classroom learning areas are created with engaging and age-appropriate toys, puzzles, manipulatives, and games for your child to explore.


Our Preschool program allows your child to grow and develop their skills further in an independent and safe environment. With small and large-group activities, our teachers are able to focus on each child’s individual development needs at the same time. Our teachers ensure that your child acquires all of the developmental skills needed to help them succeed as they move into Pre-K, and eventually Kindergarten!


As your child moves up into the Pre-K program, it also means that they are getting closer to going to school. With that comes an enhanced curriculum which is focused on getting them “school ready.” In our Pre-K program, you child will be able to independently read, go from sounding out words to writing full sentences, and be stimulated through our ongoing STEM enhancements!